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'78 P Bass project
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'78 P Bass project

I bought this P Bass in 2002 from a shop in Leicester (I only went in for some strings!)
In 1990 I sold my '73 P Bass, I always wanted to get a similar year model again but they just do not surface that often. Ones that I had looked at were really tatty and over priced but I really liked this one due to it's nice amber coloured birds eye maple neck. The only trouble was it was finished in white which I really did not like at all. So a black paint job was planned.
Until I stripped off the horrid white finish I kept thinking that this is one really heavy piece of wood, and sure enough when I got the paint off a nice ash body revealed itself!
So I finished it with umteen coats of cellulose laquer and I'm well pleased with the results.
I  took off the original bridge (they are so basic) and added a strings through body one, with grooves to keep they saddles from moving sideways. This has added to the sustain and feels really solid and chunky. I figured that Leo got it right first time with strings through body, and Fender have recently gone back to this way on new models. I think this method was abandoned years ago due to cost cutting so I have no qualms whatsoever about my mod, indeed I couldn't care less about devaluing  the guitar due to my customisations as I will never ever sell this one, I love it now.

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