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Fire In Cairo
Complete Gig List

Always a powerful live act,with Drummer Mick providing an immensly solid platform, dovetailing tightly with Col's punchy basslines, this enabled Paul to play pretty much how he liked to enhance whatever style of song needed to be performed.

FIRE IN CAIRO   GIG LIST  (more gigs to be added to list soon)


16 July.  Village Hall    Admaston, Staffs.

?? Sept.  The Arches Club   Wolverhampton.

07 Oct.   Queens Hotel  Wolverhampton.

23 Nov.  Wheatsheaf    Cannock, Staffs.

28 Dec.   Wheatsheaf.


16  Jan.  The Wheatsheaf  Cannock.

18 Jan.   The Junction   Burntwood, Staffs.

07 Mar.  Stamps Bar   Cannock.

23 Mar.  The Bridge Club  Norton Canes, Staffs.

10 Aug.   Social Club  Penkridge, Staffs.

12 Dec.   Tardebigge  Inn  Redditch, Worcs.

As: 'The Newlyweds'(with Dek Cooper on drums & Mick on 2nd guitar)


17 May.  A Gig somewhere??

?? May.   Buddies Bar  Cannock


08 Feb.  JBs  Dudley (last gig)

Mick and Paul went on to form 'The Loveless'(to date) with various bassplayers.

Col retired from the band scene until Oct 1999 when he teamed up again  with Dek Cooper on drums and ex-UXB guitarist Mark Read to form 'Atom Tan', Steve Rolleston joined them on vocals/guitar in 2000

Atom Tan split in Nov 2001

In May 2001 the original UXB line up of Mark Read/Mick Turner/Dom Roche/Col Bennett reformed.






Fire In Cairo actually played a few gigs billed as UXB2

PA for most gigs was supplied by 'Spin Off Systems'(Andy Gilson) of Wolverhampton

Paul Brindley also played a few gigs in his offshoot band 'The Basement'

A favourite regular gig was at 'The Wheatsheaf' in Cannock.