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Fire In Cairo
News and Gossip


For one night only!

16 May 01
Mick,Col & Paul played together for the first time in years at a special UXB & co 'Jam session' at 'The Blowers Club' Cannock Staffs,although no Fire In Cairo songs were played that night, the lads ripped through a storming set of cover versions, admirably assisted by MARK READ (ex UXB) DEK COOPER (ex UXB drum roadie) and former member of 'The Newley Weds' & 'Force 8' and STEVE ROLLASTON.
The Line Up:  Col-bass, Mick-drums, Mark-guitar, Dek-tambourine and vocals, Steve and Paul guitars and vocals.
28 NOV 01
Mick, Col and Paul have a jam night, many songs are covered including a few FIC classics, and a few from THE LOVELESS reportoir.
07 MAY 02
 Rehearse a typical FIC set at Paul's home studio.
19 OCT 02
Play a few cover versions at Paul's wedding reception.

If anyone remembers seeing us then please leave a mention on the UXB GUEST BOOK..........until we get this one sorted